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What is an acoustic amulet, does it have anything to do with the old beliefs in and fears of some evil forces? - In our times, full with all possible sorts of distraction, it seems to me especially important to keep an inner ear to one's own memory and questions one has to life. An accustomed sound can thereby help to stay in tune with oneself, given that this sound is neither too loud nor too blunt, neither too hard nor too diffused, but apt to be consulted like an additional heartbeat, or a tuning fork, remaining non-intrusive and subtle at other times. Such a sound can help us to get back to one's own sensitivity and quietude, and this even amidst the acoustic smog. Under such circumstances, the optical motif of the amulet fusions with it's sound and the two are complementing each other in a harmonically swinging polarity - and what else is a bell?
Like all amulets, my bell amulets can only be successfully communicated in an individual, psychomagical way, implying your intuitive choice and possibly also my knowing the background, the questions and needs of the future bearer or the qualities of the place it is meant for. For this you are welcome to contact me. Thus, the following collection is both offering a selection of my present work and letting your questions a free way. All amulets are made by hand personally in my workshop in Berlin and do not contain any noxious metals.
I thank you for your interest, wish you a good time listening and watching and am glad to hear from you.